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MakeCode Arcade is a neat way to create simple games using a Scratch-like interface. It’s focus is on education, but in the right hands, a lot can be done with this platform. Not only can you preview the games in your browser, but you can also download them in multiple formats to run on various microcontrollers. This is where the MAGC comes in — you connect a Pico and load your games onto an SD card, and you have a physical console to play your games on!

Seeing your game come to life on a physical device is a lot of fun. It’s a great way to introduce kids to programming. The MakeCode Arcade website is absolutely packed full of tutorials and examples to get you started, as well as thousands of games made by others.

If you feel restrained by the Scratch-like interface, don’t worry — you can take complete control using either JavaScript or Python! There are some incredible games made by talented developers on this platform. So whether you want to use it for education, for learning game development, or just to play some neat games made by others, the MAGC is a great choice. And to top it all off, the design files are available for the MAGC, so you can tweak it or use the 3D model to print a custom case!

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