VOLTME Revo Duo 30W GaN Charger Review

It is becoming rare for smartphone manufacturers, at least some “big” name ones, to include a decent charger in the package of the smartphone. They expect us to use our existing chargers, if we already have one or invest in a new charger.The thing with old chargers is they might or might not have fast charging capabilities.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. support fast charging, where they can top-up the battery at a significantly faster rate. But for this to happen, your charging brick must support that feature. The two most popular Fast Charging technologies are USB PD (Power Delivery) and Qualcomm QC (Quick Charge).With a decent fast charger, you can get up to 50% charge in iPhone 14, for example, in just 30 minutes.

We recently got our hands on the VOLTME Revo Duo 30W Charger. It is a 2-in-1 chargerwith one USB Type-C Port and one USB Type-A Port. Both ports support fast charging, although not simultaneously.This is the review of the VOLTME Revo Duo 30W GaN Charger. We are writing this review are using the charger for several days, testing its capabilities with stress test, checking its limits, and even the temperature. Continue reading to find out more about this charger and whether it is a good choice for charging up to 30W.

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